“When you look in the mirror what do you see?
You see the man you were yesterday.
The man you are today and the man you will be tomorrow.
Yesterday, you trained, you gained and you learned
But today.. you played and you lost..

And today you’ll put that behind you
Because tomorrow, tomorrow a new man will emerge…
A man who faces his worst fears and fails to give up…
And tomorrow you’ll go back out there and you’ll do what you do…

You’ll train, you’ll gain, you’ll learn and you’ll play…
And before the final, when you look in the locker room mirror..
You’ll see tomorrows man, the man who will give his all, for his team, his town, his county and his country.

You are that man.  Defeat can’t take you down.”

Sports Hypnosis Coach

A Sports Hypnosis Coach uses hypnotherapy to help athletes and sports professionals perform to their best ability.  It is the fast and effective way to help a team or an individual to –

  • Build the winning mind-set
  • Overcome set-backs, frustrations and defeat
  • Helps speed up recovery time mentally, physically and emotionally
  • Removes mental blocks that stops atheletes from performing at optimum levels
  • It buys valuable seconds at times where nano-seconds count – power lifting, touch-downs, goal defending and athletics
  • It helps push through pain barriers and mental and physical fatigue
  • It accelerates adrenaline production
  • It drastically improves recovery time and prevents haemorrhaging in contact sports with high risk of skin tears
  • It calms nerves in high-concentration situations like putting in golf, striking in GAA, hitting on-target for goals and points
  • It gets to the heart of self-sabotage quickly and builds mental routines that accelerate performance in high tension situations.

Sports Hypnosis Coach Training

To train to be a fully qualified Sports Hypnosis Coach, you’re required to train to diploma level and complete ten case studies directly on sports related issues.

Full assistance is given to all students who pursue an Advanced Diploma in Hypnotherapy with a special interest in sports.

Sports Hypnosis is applicable to all sports including athletics, archery, body building, boxing, cricket, cycling, equestrian, golf, hurling, football, soccer, mixed martial arts, powerlifting, snooker and much, much more.

Susan Wallace is a Sports Hypnosis professional with a special interest in golf.  She is a PGA approved Golf Psychology Coach who helps golfers drop a to single figure handicap.  Susan also coaches pro-golfers to develop a winning mind-set.

The Yips isn’t something you have.
The Yips is something you do.

For more information on becoming a Sports Hypnosis practitioner contact Susan Wallace direct on 086 33 2992.