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Susan Wallace offers the following talks and interactive workshops to companies, associations and organisations who want to energise, inspire and engage their audience.

The topics listed below are all offered free of charge. Susan is passionate about sharing information and giving great value to participants. Every talk listed below contains practical advice that can immediately be turned into action that yields specific results. Susan injects her talks and demonstrations with fun, facts and a lot of positive energy. Susan favours action over learning and will always ensure your audience leave with a great take-away that will impact their ability to move forward in life.

Talks on Therapy and Practice Management

Practical Hypnosis

Practical Hypnosis will teach your audience a 7 Step System to Access the Hypnotic State and Make Changes in their Thoughts, Feelings and Actions. This interactive workshop will be tailored to suit the theme of your conference.

Practical Positive Psychology

Practical Positive Psychology

The pursuit of happiness is made easier by daily ‘intentional’ activities. In this talk Susan introduces eight of the best interventions from Positive Psychology to help you make the best of every situation. This talk is one of the best buffers against depression and anxiety you can get.

How To Break Habits

“A Habit is at first and guest and then a master.”
We all have them, some we love and some we struggle to get rid of. But there is a system for everything including breaking an unwanted habit. Susan will talk your audience through the step-by-step process of breaking a habit and building a new habit for excellence.

Marketing For Therapists

Therapists are heart-centred business people and often neglect to spend time properly marketing their therapy practice. This talk will teach your audience the best marketing tactics to grab attention, build interest and create demand for their services.

Mindset and Money Matters

The key to a successful therapy practice is mindset. This workshop will teach you the mindset that will support your long-term goals. Your audience will also learn about the money personalities of therapists and how they can break-through their income ceiling.

Create Income Online

Create Income Online. The CAM Sector of the Economy is growing through a major growth phase and more people are opting to get their therapy delivered online. This talk/workshop will teach your audience the massive mistakes that a lot of therapists make when starting to sell online and exactly what to do to avoid them.

Who is Susan Wallace?

Susan Wallace has been working in the Complementary and Alternative Medical (CAM) Sector for over twenty years.  The CAM sector of the economy has been predicted by Euromonitor reports to be a high growth sector in the economy over the next decade.

Susan trains people to become professional hypnotherapists and how to start a successful and significant hypnotherapy practice.

When the recession hit Susan realised that a great Diploma in Hypnotherapy wasn’t enough to create an endless steam of fee-paying clients.  Sound marketing skills based on best practice was the only way to ensure that would happen.

She took a two year sabbatical and went back to University to study digital marking, new product and new service development and innovation management.  The experience was profound as Susan realised that it doesn’t matter how great you are as a therapist, coach or consultant, if you don’t know how to properly market your services you’ll never fully release the wealth, success and security from your skill-set.

Susan then went on to train with the best marketers in the UK and USA and learned how to leverage the digital space to increase authority, develop expertise, build lists of potential new clients and quickly scale service based businesses through highly effective promotional launches.

Susan’s Mission

Her mission is simple:

Share as much as you can with as many as you can.

Susan also runs where she runs Recurring Online Automated Revenue courses for coaches, consultants and professionals who want to develop income streams from their expertise and knowledge online.