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Diploma in Hypnotherapy Course Dublin

€2,150.00 €1,950.00

Become a Professional Mind Coach and Hypnotherapist with Susan Wallace and Hypnosis Academy 

Hypnotherapy Course Dublin Diploma 2018 – 2019 Marino Institute, Dublin 9

Course Start Date September 28 and 28, 2018


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Product Description

Hypnotherapy Course Dublin >> Full Diploma

The Hypnotherapy Course Dublin starts on Saturday 29 September 2018. But you can start learning now for FREE!

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The course is held in the Marino Institute, Drumcondra, Dublin 9.  The course is suitable for two groups of people:

  1. If you’ve no experience in the field of therapy but you’d like to start a part-time or full-time career helping others.
  2. You’re a psychotherapist, counselor or coach who wants to add hypnotherapy to your portfolio of client services.

Hypnotherapy Course Dublin >>

On this advanced diploma course, you will learn the ten tools talented therapists use to transform the lives of their clients.

The curriculum is relentlessly practical. You’ll watch, practice and take part (optional) in live demonstrations of hypnotherapy every day. You will learn how to hypnotise yourself and other by practising each technique being taught. You will get individual attention and tailored support from Susan Wallace to help you get the most from the course and graduate ready to start a mind coaching and hypnotherapy practice.

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The Diploma in Hypnotherapy Course Dublin Curriculum

Tool 1:  Access the Control Centre of the Mind
Tool 2:  Ask Revealing Questions
Tool 3:  Unlock Personal Power with the Master Keys
Tool 4:  Transform Fear and Anxiety
Tool 5:  Reframe the Past with Regression Therapy
Tool 6:  Restructure Thinking and End Self-Sabotage
Tool 7:  Develop Positive Patterns of Action with NLP
Tool 8:  Manage Willpower and Surf the Urge to Prevent Relapse
Tool 9:  Buffer against Depression with Positive Psychology
Tool 10: Manifest Abundance and Prosperity in your Life

Here are the full details of what you will learn…

Access the Control Centre of the Mind

Become skilled in the most highly effective hypnotherapy inductions and learn a system that you can use with every client regardless of the presenting problem.

You will —

  • Learn how to use classic inductions, guided mindful meditation inductions, permissive inductions, relaxation inductions, rapid medical inductions, instant somnambulism and our unique ‘failure free’ method of delivery.
  • Understand how our clients turn hypnotherapy suggestions into mental, physical and emotional responses and how to easily use these responses as hypnotic convincers.
  • Know how to use the three principle styles of hypnotherapy – Direct, Permissive and Ericksonian Hypnotherapy
  • Develop a structured, easy to master approach.

Ask Revealing Questions

Learning how to ask questions ‘the right way’ is a magical experience that builds rapport between you and your client. It helps boosts your confidence when you know you’ve got the information you need to deliver the best therapy. Asking the right questions also helps your client become motivated and focused on achieving a successful outcome. This, in turn, helps them to become committed to the process of change.

Here is a list of the questionnaires and forms you will have to help you design and develop hypnotherapy for your clients. You will be shown how to use each one and how they help make it easy for you to deliver fantastic therapy to each new client.

  • De Shazer’s Miracle Question
  • Source and Outcome Frame
  • Goal Setting and Agenda Setting
  • Coping Questions to Increase Resilience
  • Weight Loss Questionnaire
  • Nicotine Cessation Questionnaire
  • Medical Hypnotherapy Questionnaire
  • Subject Units of Distress (SUDS)
  • Froggatt’s Cognitive Restructuring
  • Albert Ellis’s ABC
  • Prochaska and DiClemente’s Stages of Change Model
  • Dealing with Lapse and Lapse Prevention
  • Designing a Treatment Plan

Unlock Personal Power with the Master Keys

Hypnotherapy is a lot more than just giving positive suggestions to your clients. Great hypnotherapy provides a catalyst for change. Our students love learning these three Master Key Interventions. They help erase deeply entrenched beliefs and attitudes that might otherwise stop your clients from getting the best from their hypnotherapy experience.

Your future clients need to know that they were hypnotised by you! Therefore we show you how to add colour, depth and richness to the hypnotherapy experience so that your clients speak highly of you and your transformational therapy.

You will learn how to deliver a professional hypnotherapy service for anxiety and stress management, phobias, weight loss and healthy eating, nicotine addiction, allergies, IBS and pain management.

Plus you will gain the confidence you need to know how to approach any other challenge you might face as a professional hypnotherapist.

Right now, you might doubt your ability to be able to develop a case history, deliver a full session of hypnotherapy, test the results and get client feedback but by this stage of the course, you will have done it at least twice on a fellow student.

Nothing feels as good as the feeling of confidence and competence that comes with knowing that you are equipped to meet whatever challenges might come your way!

Breakthrough Fear and Anxiety 

On this module, we will examine the causes of fears, anxiety, and stress-related disorders.  You’ll learn the step-by-step way to help your clients to manage anxiety, overcome self-sabotage and control the internal dialogue. You will also learn how to help your clients access a state of calmness whenever they feel anxious.  We will also show you how to break through your own fears and limitations so you can become the best therapist you can be.

Being able to show your clients how to successfully manage anxiety has a profound effect on their confidence in themselves and their belief in you. Imagine how great it will feel when you can easily and effortlessly provide instant relief to anyone who is stressed out, having a panic attack or an anxiety attack.

Having this skill is priceless.  It will ensure that your clients are inspired to complete the course of hypnotherapy you have recommended and will create a non-stop flow of word of mouth referrals.

Some of the techniques and interventions you will learn include:

  • Dissociation and Association
  • Breathing Retraining
  • Classic Desensitisation
  • The Telescope Technique

Reframe the Past with Regression Therapy

Many novice hypnotherapists are both intrigued and terrified of regression hypnotherapy. Yet, when you learn how to harness the power of the past and use it as positive and powerful force you will find that old fears, worries and anxieties just fade away.

Regression hypnotherapy will show you how to guide your client through the painful experience of the past so that they can release trapped emotions that often sabotage their success. You’ll also learn how to successfully manage unexpected abreactions. An abreaction is when a client has a sudden, strong and often unexpected emotional response during hypnotherapy. You will learn how to recognize it, value it and use it to move your client past emotional blocks and self-sabotage.

One thing to remember is this; if you are working with a client and they have an abreaction, you can feel very privileged that their subconscious mind felt safe and secure enough with you to allow strong private feelings to surface.
With that understanding, let me reassure you that you will learn the effective step-by-step process to manage abreactions and to successfully use regression hypnotherapy in your practice.

Some of the skills you will master include:

  • Regression Hypnotherapy
  • Trauma Release Techniques
  • How to enable clients to reframe painful memories as powerful learning experiences
  • How to help clients end self-sabotage
  • Eye Movement Integration Therapy for Trauma Processing
  • The powerful VK Dissociation Technique
  • How to avoid False Memory Syndrome and Confabulation

In addition, Inner Child Therapy will provide you with a very gentle but highly effective way to explore your clients past without having to resort to Regression Hypnotherapy. You’ll learn how to use the metaphor of the Inner Child to help your clients to forgive (themselves), forget and let go of past hurt and pain so that they can begin a process of healing and learn how to move on.

Restructure Thinking and End Self-Sabotage

So many people struggle to achieve lasting success because they end up sabotaging their own efforts. They make great efforts to change, but then a setback leaves them feeling like a failure all over again. This module will teach you how to help your clients end self-sabotage for once and for all without having to use regression hypnotherapy.

You will learn how to use Parts Therapy to communicate with the sabotaging personality part of your client mind and discover its positive intention. You will learn how to get the part of their personality that sabotages success ‘on-board’ so that it works for the client and not against him or her.

Develop Positive Patterns of Action with NLP

Did you know that the therapy that is known as Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) was developed because hypnotherapy was illegal in some States of America?  NLP provides us with wonderful Mind Coaching systems without the need to go into a trance.

On this module, you will learn the most effective NLP mind coaching techniques and how to incorporate them into the hypnotherapy framework.

You’ll get a wealth of techniques that you can use both inside and outside of hypnotherapy. For example, you will learn:

  • NLP Presuppositions – Empowering Beliefs for Clients and Therapists
  • Four pillars of NLP
  • SCORE model for History Taking
  • Generalisations, Deletions, and Distortions
  • “There is no such thing as failure, only feedback”
  • Association and Dissociation
  • Circle of Excellence
  • Six Step Reframe Technique
  • Fast Phobia Cure
  • Swish Pattern Technique
  • Limiting Belief Liberator
  • NLP Pain Reframe
  • Prospective Imagination – mental rehearsal
  • How to use Triggers in Post Hypnotic Suggestions
  • Step-by-step method to collapse old Anchors and set new Anchors

Learning them will be easy as you’ll get easy to follow prompt sheets and lots of demonstrations, practice sessions and video tutorials to enhance the learning experience.

Manage Willpower and Surf the Urge

Most people confess to not having enough willpower when it comes to tackling their problems. To get long-term success with clients it’s important you know exactly how to help someone manage their willpower challenges and what to do if they fall off the wagon and feel like a failure.

You will enjoy learning through experimentation and personal understanding how to –

  • Boost your willpower reserves
  • Appreciate abundance of willpower
  • End self-sabotage and “I’m a failure” mentality
  • Reduce cravings so they no longer sabotage you
  • Learn how to ‘surf the urge’ to effectively undermine addictions and cravings.

You will get lots of tasty free sweets, chocolates and savoury snacks so you can learn first hand how willpower works and how willpower fails and what you can do as a professional hypnotherapist to teach willpower to your clients.

Buffer Against Depression with Positive Psychology

Every now and again life throws us a curve ball. It catches us unawares and we find ourselves struggling to deal with a situation. It’s when times are tough that we need to dig deep inside ourselves and find the energy we need to keep going when we just feel like giving up.

Positive psychology helps to build resilience so that when we face difficult times we are better equipped to face our troubles and overcome them. On this module, you’ll learn how to teach your client eight simple exercises they can use on a daily basis. These exercises act as a buffer against depression. The purpose is to ensure that both your clients and you as a therapist know that you have the skills not just to survive, but to thrive and occasionally even flourish when you are under fire.

Manifest Abundance and Prosperity in your Life

On this module, you will learn how to ‘flick the switch’ from poverty to prosperity based thinking and welcome abundance and prosperity into your life. I’m sure you’ve heard of a business plan but on this module, you’ll develop a prosperity plan instead. This is a business plan for heart-centred business owners.   It’s focused around attracting abundance and prosperity in your own life and in the lives of your clients.

You’ll learn the universal abundance and how to attract health, wealth and happiness into your life, relationships and finances.   Many new therapists often find it difficult to charge for their services.

This module will help you realise that your biggest expense is the money you are not making. It will energise you and inspire you to get yourself out there, set up your practice and deliver your best work to your clients. Furthermore, it will help you address any issues you have around pricing and it will help you accept that a regular wage is a reward for a job well done.

And that’s not all we will also focus on creating abundance in other domains too:

  • Abundant Health
  • Meaningful Relationships
  • Fulfilling Work
  • Intellectual Growth
  • Material Possessions
  • Soul Purpose

Cost of the Ultimate Results Hypnotherapy Course Dublin

€1,950 is the early bird cost of the course at it includes the Hypno Gastric Band online course worth €496.

Dublin Diploma Course Dates 2018 – 2019

29 and 30 September, 2018
27 and 28 October, 2018
17 and 18 November, 2018
8 and 9 December, 2018
26 and 27 January, 2019
23 and 24 February, 2019
30 and 31 March, 2019
27 and 28 April, 2019
18 and 19 May, 2019
15 and 16 June, 2019

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