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This is essential viewing if you are looking for a great Diploma in Hypnotherapy this will teach you the essentials in ten short video’s delivered daily to your inbox.

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The key to long-term success as a hypnotherapist is knowing how to create premium packages that deliver Ultimate Results to your clients. Once created they make it much easier for you to run a successful therapy practice and stay results focused.

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This is an advanced FREE marketing course that clearly explains how to reach out and connect with your ideal clients so you become the #1 choice locally.  This webinar is aimed at therapy business owners who want to expand their practice.

Earn 2k per month part-time

On this webinar you’ll learn the exact process I use to help my students make a great return on their investment in hypnotherapy training. You’ll learn how to start small and build sound business principles so you can grow a successful therapy practice.

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London Ultimate Results Diploma in Hypnotherapy course starts in Central London this September.

Learn why we deliver 130% to our students so they can deliver 'Ultimate Results' to their clients.
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Is to go where no other school has gone before. To go that extra mile and help you earn a diploma in hypnotherapy and turn it into a profitable therapy business so you can exceed your own expectations.
We promise to give you 100% of our commitment. We promise to go that extra distance with you and stay connected with you when you’ve finished training with us. We’ll make it as easy as possible for you to succeed.
We support you but you must take action to turn your dreams into reality. We won’t give up on you, even if you feel like giving up on yourself. Everything you’ve ever wanted is on the other side of fear.
Join the Ultimate Results Diploma in Hypnotherapy course.  Experience deep immersion in the world of professional hypnotherapy.  You’ll assemble a portfolio of cutting-edge interventions and coaching skills.  You’ll get confident explaining hypnotherapy, demonstrating hypnotic phenomena, taking a case history, hypnotising clients, managing setbacks and creating space for your clients to grow and get the Ultimate Result they are looking for.

You’ll learn how to create high-end Ultimate Results Hypnotherapy Packages that your ideal clients would love to book.  Once you’ve created them you’ll find it easier to grow your therapy business with little additional effort.  You’ll learn how to surprise and delight your clients by exceeding their expectations and delivering the Ultimate Result they are looking for.
Break through the glass ceiling on your own money issues and your pricing issues.  You’ll learn a system for marketing your Ultimate Results packages.  You’ll become an expert at turning enquiries into clients without becoming a pushy sales person.  Plus you’ll finally find a way to end self-sabotage and how to adopt the mindset of a truly professional therapist.

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